Assignment One: Say hello

Assignment One: Say hello

Making a card to introduce myself meant to find an image which could say something about me, bearing in mind the context and the aim this had to be created for.
In fact the context is important to understand why I choose to represent something that could express a certain side of my personality. I wanted to show my creative side, the level of my drawing skills, my favourite medium and subject.
As I read the brief for this exercise, the image that jumped to my eyes straight away, was a representation of my own hand, front viewed, in the typical meeting gesture.


I particularly love to draw hands, I am really fascinated by this part of the body and I often finish observing and drawing them a lot. They represent, together with the eyes, the main instrument of an illustrator.
It is almost like they have got their own personality, that is why I often draw them disconnected from the body.
Another idea that came up to me was a self-portrait. I thought that a good way to introduce myself was to represent my own face. However I wanted something more effective and clear and I started to play with my original idea.
I quickly used the mirror to see what effect I could obtain, but it was immediately clear that the front view of a hand would have been quite ineffective, in fact the portion of hand you could actually see in that pose is really small.
I tried to turn the hand at various corners but that produced a really unnatural posture. I then started considering a profile view. I loved the pose, but I thought at this point it was worth to add a second hand opposite to the first one, just to keep the meaning really obvious.
I started sketching the hands and after that I took two A6 sized pieces of paper and sketched them again in a suitable size.



I wanted to give them few sharp shadows with watercolours and I experimented on the sized cards, but I didn’t like the outcome and decided for a more incisive look. I wanted an extreme contrast and I finished considering the old, pure black and white.
I really love black and white drawings, I think they flash in your eyes without confusing them.
That was it: a clear result, obvious, direct.
I didn’t want two really small hands on an A6 card and I thought that the outcome could have been boring. I thought that interrupting the normal view of the image would have given a time to the action, rather than simply portraying it.
Instead of the classic card I created a three-folded one, so that you could see only one hand on the front.


You would then open the card and find a brief message on the right and another hand on the left.


Opening the right side of the card would give you the complete image, two hands in the act of meeting.


I draw the hands on Bristol white paper, A6 sized, with a simple ballpoint pen.


I cut them accurately off the white card and replaced them onto a black three folded card. I printed the message on white cartridge paper, tearing the edges to create a more interesting look.

Here is the photographed final piece:


I am pretty happy with the result, a lot less happy about the alignment of the written message!


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