Exercise: Spider diagrams

Exercise: Spider diagrams

Making spider diagrams has been very stimulating, in fact I realized how much they can open up my mind and how much they got me to think.
Many images came to mind, but even more than objects and figures, a lot of feelings, sounds and smells emerged. I thought it was pretty difficult to express these last ones, in particular for the word ANGRY, of course. I felt like I have a lot to say but no words to say it!
The easiest word has been SEASIDE, maybe because I really miss it, living in London, and I developed a rich imagination, often finishing dreaming about it.
I tried browsing some images to get some words, but what best worked for me was coming back to the exercise a second time, after a break.
I compared my diagrams with two other people and for me was quite surprising that the outcome nearly didn’t match at all.
We had few words in common and all of us were quite blocked by the word ANGRY.
I also noticed that some of the words, although different, where expressing a similar feeling or thought.
The conclusion is that the links our brain makes in similar situations is definitely depending on the past experiences and personality of the individuals. There is however something in common, I would say stereotyped thoughts, which are in my opinion at the roots of communication.



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