Exercise: Turning words into pictures

Exercise: Turning words into pictures

When I was a kid my favourite table game was called Visual Game: we had to draw something suggested by a randomly picked card and let our team guess what that was. And I remember the biggest fun came when we had to illustrate abstract concepts or actions.
This exercise made me feel like I was playing that game. It asked to turn a word into pictures and I thought it was pretty difficult to get on paper all those chaotic thoughts.
I had the feeling that focusing on a word produced a big mess in my head and was quite difficult to select things. Moreover, as it already happened with the previous exercise, I found difficult to draw feelings and concepts.
I choose two of the words from the list.
More than objects, what came to my mind with the word TRAVEL was the idea of meeting different and new people and different cultures or for example the idea of travelling in the past or future.
In the same way, thinking about FASHION, meant to think of the changing canons of beauty, which involve changing the shape of the body naturally or artificially with aesthetic surgery, for example.
Was particularly difficult to associate textures to those words.
After quite a lot of thinking the textures I associated to TRAVEL were hemp and sand. They bring my mind to the idea of adventure, which is what I think about travelling.
The texture I associated to the word FASHION was straight away some kind of fabric. There is an infinite amount of fabrics to choose but what I think went best with the idea of fashion I have in my mind, is black lace fabric.


I found this exercise very useful to enhance the skill of illustrate concepts and emotion, which is necessary to be an excellent visual communicator.


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