Exercise: Making a moodboard

Exercise: Making a moodboard

I choose to represent the word WILD through a moodboard. I have never done something like this before and it has been quite difficult to express the feeling I had about a word, and even more difficult to find the right images that could represent it.
Thinking of WILD, I couldn’t stop thinking about animals and everything which is somehow connected to the nature.
I used zebra and snake skin images, which I cut off some paper bags. Particularly, the zebra print is enriched with a velvety texture in the black parts.
I then chose between magazines and wrapping paper cut outs, the images of a tiger, a lion, an idyllic place with a man diving from a wooden ladder, a wolf in the forest and some colourful feathers.
I also included a piece of rough hemp thread to transmit a texture and colour which I associate to the word.
I included an onomatopoeic word because while thinking and working on my moodboard that sound kept coming to me.
Finally I had to look up for some images and print them out because I couldn’t find them elsewhere. I chose some mushrooms, berries, ferns and a piece of bark. I wanted to include some real leaves and bark, to express once again associated textures, but I couldn’t find the right ones.
I think the result is mirroring what I had in my mind about WILD. However, being this my first moodboard, I still have few doubts about its concept and use.



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