Exercise: An objective drawing

Exercise: An objective drawing

The exercise focus was to draw an object chosen from a list of five, in an objective way. I thought it would have been easy in the first place, but then I realized it was quite difficult to be more objective and less personal. My object is a pair of sunglasses. I placed them on a white sheet in an angle which is best showing its characteristics. I tried to be technical and controlled but I didn’t use measures or rules. I was just trying to be as accurate as possible without any technical aids. 5_0001 I used a fine liner over the initial pencil drawing and tried to suggest the glossy surface through delicate and regular lines which left some parts in white, as they were reflecting light. I used a pencil to suggest the shades and the dark yet transparent property of the lenses. Even though I can spot some imperfections, I think the outcome of this drawing is quite good as it describes the object in its qualities, shapes and functions. Here is a picture of the glasses, in a slightly different pose, for your reference: DSCN6428


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