Exercise: A subjective drawing

Exercise: A subjective drawing

It took a while to me to understand this exercise. I expected to be asked to draw something giving it a personal touch, probably drawing as naturally as it comes to me.
I was asked instead to produce a moodboard, after finding adjectives related to the object chosen from a list and to finally create a piece using the textures explored in the moodboard.
I chose to represent a pair of shoes, which I photographed here for your reference.

An adjective that comes strongly to me knowing this pair of shoes, is rough. Even though they are very soft, the jute and the hemp cord they are made of, give them a rough visual appearance, in my opinion.
A word that also describes an important aspect of those shoes is geometric.
In my moodboard I used irregular shaped black and yellow magazine cut outs to underline the strong colours and the geometric figures portraying the shoes. Pieces of jute and coarse hemp cord have been used as textures to convey that rough feeling.

I also added a photo of a coastal town and cut outs of a pool because I strongly link these shoes to holidays and summer thoughts.
For the final piece I used a paper with a heavy texture which reminded me cotton fabric.
I draw a quick outline of the shoes by observing them (I used the actual shoes as a reference only at this stage, in fact the rest of the process has been based on visual memories) then I filled it in with the jute pieces. I coloured some of them with yellow poster paints and then cutted a black sheet to represent the softest and smoothest part of the shoes. After using hemp cord to emulate the soles surface texture, I used a fine liner to define some details. The inside of the shoes is actually made of hemp as well, yet I felt continuing to just collage materials together may have resulted in a confusing image.

Watching at the final piece I believe the use of the fine liner in fact helped to highlight the textures around it.
To be honest it was quite difficult to understand this exercise. Even though I followed the instructions given in the brief I am not quite sure to have achieved what it requested.
I believe producing a moodboard was very personal, subjective and it really reflects the way I feel about the chosen objects. However, having to create something by using the same textures brought me to create a collage more than a drawing.
Anyway, I feel the most interesting thing I gained through this exercise is a better understanding of the use and creation of a moodboard, which was slightly unclear to me in the first place.


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