Exercise: Visual metaphors

Exercise: Visual metaphors

This exercise was focused on visual metaphors and its first phase was to look up for some examples.
My mind went straight to some illustrations I saw on the packaging of some teabags I buy sometimes. Depending on the infusion, the illustration is picturing the effect it should produce on our body by very clever and clear images. The illustrations are by Brett Ryder http://www.brettryder.co.uk/ and I just post here a couple of examples:

ginkgo-plus valerian-plus
I searched thoroughly the few magazines I have home and I found two visual metaphors:

5_0004 5_0003

Then I kept browsing the internet and discovered the illustrations of John Holcroft http://www.johnholcroft.com/index.html whose portfolio is packed with visual metaphors. Here I post a couple of examples:

cig pig
I found very good examples of visual metaphors by browsing the website atissuejournal.com and particularly the following one:

After collecting examples of visual metaphors, I choose picked two topics from the list, broken relationship and economic catastrophe, so that I could have the chance to compare the results and I made some really quick and basic drawings.

5_0001 5_0002

I showed these to three people and in general the message was pretty clear to everyone: regarding the economic catastrophe topic, two people chose the hanged piggy bank and one of them said the graph going dramatically down was the obvious one. The flying note was interpreted by this last person as inflation.
About broken relationship, again the same two people chose the stabbed heart, and the other one the couple, ripped apart.
It was very interesting to experiment and check with other people whether my visual interpretation was communicating correctly the message or not and I believe, after this comparison, that there are some really iconic symbols, strongly communicating a message beyond the boundaries of age, sex and culture.


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