Life Drawing: Fifth lesson

Life Drawing: Fifth lesson

In the last life drawing session I was particularly focused on trying to ‘draw what’s inside’ the figure and I think I am really starting to understand the process.

Also I noticed that drawing with my wrong hand went a little better (see above: first drawing on the left). It is so fascinating because I just feel like a kid using a pencil for the first time, it’s a ‘primitive’ experience and the result looks so intense. I would like to have the chance to draw longer poses in this way next time.
While sipping our teas we went through a really interesting and useful explanation of the utility of using a pencil to better understand the space in which a figure is placed.
In our longer poses we were in fact sticking our pencils out all the time and practicing this principle.

I agree with the tutor’s opinion that this method is precious to relate a figure to the space rather than being just a measuring technique.


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