Exercise: Abstract drawing

Exercise: Abstract drawing

This exercise required the listening of an instrumental piece in order to create an abstract drawing.
I choose as a starting point a piece originally composed by Johannes Brahms, Hungarian dance N. 5, interpreted by a young Lithuanian artist named Martynas. I really love this piece and it literally gives me goose bumps every single time I listen to it.
In the first place I listened to the music a couple of times without making marks, just trying to understand which colours to associate with it. I couldn’t really choose between two range of colours: the red/brown or the blue/green.
I had a go with the reds first, trying to let the marks being as instinctive as possible. I had in my mind that fabric called damask which is often composed with two tones of the same colour.
5_0002 (2)

Being poorly satisfied, I tried with the blue, adding also some green and brown.

5_0001 (3)

Disaster. Honestly I couldn’t find any connection between my squiggly drawing and the musical piece I was trying to describe.
So I decided to change method motivated by the interesting idea of making marks as I was reading and translating the sound in lines.

What came out looked like a diagram of a very bad earthquake or some weird medical exam. But I loved the effect and I thought that those lines could have been transformed in a colourful sequence of geometric patterns.

However even this time I was not entirely satisfied as the outcome brought me to what looked like a South American heritage decoration more than to the eastern, mysterious and folkloristic feeling the actual music gives me.
That’s why in my final go, I used only a fine liner and slightly filled in the contours with an exhausted one.

I think this reflects much more the spirit of the piece and I also figured out that the colours I would best associate to it are the range from red, brown and okra.

To verify if it could have worked as a cd cover I adjusted the patterns to a square format and paid more attention to the forms, even though being only guided by straight lines, to leave some imperfections visible.

I like the final result after all, and I was actually quite surprised of the outcome, considering how frustrated I was in the beginning.


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