Exercise: Viewpoints

Exercise: Viewpoints

I put together some objects which made me think about summertime. I chose a striped beach towel, a pair of sunglasses, a straw hat, a swimsuit and a pair of goggles.
I arranged them on the floor and started shooting some pictures trying to catch different angles.

There were some situations where I had to arrange the objects in a different way in order to get their most descriptive side in the photo.
After that I started drawing from life, having already selected in mind the angles I thought were the most successful. I took little thumbnails and then reproduced them in bigger sizes, trying varied formats.

5_0001 5_0002 5_0003
The ones I liked the most have been the irregular hexagon, the landscape, long thin rectangular shape and the oval. I thought it was particularly successful as a design, even though is not showing every single object, the close up on the goggles, because it’s a very clear symbol and because the beach towel was arranged in a way which reminded me of waves, Also a little corner of the hat is visible.

5_0004This point of view makes me think of the kind of visual you have when you lie on the beach and everything looks just flatted down to the sand.
The oval frame looked really nostalgic to me, a round one would have worked better, probably linked to the idea of a boat window, however I felt the best frame for this visual was the rectangular one, long and thin, in fact it gives me a fresh feeling which I associate with summertime.
This exercise made me realize how much I need to work on the concept of thumbnails, because even though I tried, I couldn’t make up my mind until I worked on a bigger size of the images.


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