Exercise: Client visuals

Exercise: Client visuals

I worked on visuals choosing two illustrations.
The first one is an illustration by Spike Press, one of his logos.


The first step was measuring the drawing and enlarge it by 2 times and half (8,5×16,5 to 21,5×41,25). I took more few main points to keep the proportions right and started drawing. In the first visual I tried adding as many details as possible also trying to give an impression of the textures and the shades, even though I didn’t use any colour.


I traced this drawing to obtain a simpler version, editing all the unnecessary details, getting a basic, clean line drawing.

The second illustration is by Rohan Daniel Eason, whose works I particularly enjoy. I couldn’t find its real measures, so I took a screenshot and worked as it was my piece of paper (12×15,3 to 30×38,25).


With this second illustration I worked in the opposite way, compared to the first one. I started with a quite simple line drawing, adding some lines, just to distinguish the black and white areas.


Afterwards I started filling in the drawing with lots of details, trying to get it as clear as possible.


I experienced a really big difference between the first and the second illustration, mostly because of their really different style.
I thought that even in the edited version the Spike Press’ illustration was really clear and perfectly conveyed the final idea while I definitely needed more details in the basic visual of R.D. Eason’s piece, because the simple line drawing was a bit confusing and didn’t give a correct idea of the final result.
I found R. D. Eason’s website particularly useful to understand the art direction. In the page named Process he published some of his artworks from sketches to final, giving a great example of how things work.
Pictographic Index 1, by Karolina & Hans Lijklema , pages 268-279, Spike Press.


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