Exercise: Mock up

Exercise: Mock up

Mocking up a book cover has been really fun. It is so beautiful to see an illustration taking its own role step by step, visualizing what was only in your mind.
I choose the book Whitchfinders, A Seventeenth Century English Tragedy by Malcolm Gaskill.

5_0001 5_0002
After reading the blurb on the back, I started brainstorming around the word witchcraft.

I came up with few ideas after reading some parts of the book.
I thought to represent a witch, but at the same time I wanted to make clear that the brutality of witch hunting killed a lot of innocents, mostly women.
I thought representing only the feet of a hanged women would have been particularly effective, with striped socks and a black cat watching at her, to underline how superstition and words of mouth could be deathly at those times.
As a symbol for trial, I added the hand of a judge using the typical wooden hammer. After this I realized I have to find a way to connect the back cover with the front one, so I thought to draw a figure connected to that hand. Particularly I used as a reference a portrait of Matthew Hopkins which is the character responsible for the hunt described in the book. On page XIV of Witchfinders we have the portrait from which I draw a silhouette to adapt to the rest of my drawing.

5_0005 5_0006
Once sketched using the measures of the book cover as a reference, I proceeded to the final drawing, using fine liners and black ink.

The rest of the job was done using Photoshop, I added the blurb, the title and the editor’s details using a background of a similar colour as the original cover.

I really appreciated the process explored with this exercise and I am quite satisfied with the outcome.


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