Exercise: A menu card

Exercise: A menu card

The aim of this exercise was to produce a illustration to use as a logo for a menu of a sophisticated fish restaurant.
The size given for the logo was 40mmx40mm, which forced me to keep the image really simple and clear.
I quickly made thumbnails out of my ideas and I chose the ‘gentlecrab’.

Scan 19

I was unsure between two composition so I tried to sketch them and I realised that the second one was way clearer than the first one, with no lines crossing over each other, indeed much more easy to read at a really small size.
I sketched my crab in flat aerial view: he holds a top hat as a symbol of ‘sophisticated’.

Scan 20
I used watercolour to make it really bright and to give the impression of a superior good quality.

Scan copy
The original drawing as been made in 16cmx16cm and digitised to make it smaller and check its readability.
I also tried to insert a text but even though it is working quite well in the big size, I think in the smaller it is too tiny to be read, so it would perhaps be best in bigger fonts outside of the little crab logo.


I am very happy with the outcome of this exercise, as I think it really reflects the qualities of the restaurant and as I am very satisfied with the execution of the image.


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