Exercise: Visual distortion

Exercise: Visual distortion

I really tried for long time to catch my cat in a pose which shows her quite well: she has a total black fur (just a little white patch on the chest) and it is quite difficult under a certain light to distinguish her contours.
I draw her from a picture, trying to keep the portrait quite faithful, as the exercise asks in the first place.

Scan 21
A second step consisted in drawing a cat with five lines, which I thought was quite fun.

Scan 22

But the funniest part was actually to make a collage: while making it I realised how most of the time I am so tied to reality that is difficult to let my mind go. That is when I placed aquamarine long, curly moustaches on the cat’s face and climbing rope for her tail.

Scan 29
Having used dried palm umbrellas texture for part of her fur, an image came to me of this character hiding in the middle of a haystack (or actually being an haystack!), trying to catch a little mouse with a treat placed in the middle of her lazo-tail. The cheese smells so good…but wait…something greenish is suspiciously poking out of the mass…!

Scan 24

I had so much fun with this exercise and made me realise that infinite possibilities can sit before our eyes, we just need to let ourselves go and materialise them.


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