Exercise: Character development

Exercise: Character development

To begin with this exercise I went through researching characters of different kinds. I selected few examples in an extreme huge variety offered by the internet.
I tried to set some categories, even though I think it is a really difficult task as their are frequently overlapping.


sergiobonelli.it media.comicbook.com fleischerstudios.com https-::s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com:originals:8a:df:fb:8adffb32557bc647a0f3adfb6053b765 article-1285883635413-003fb9c800000258-719197_636x512 1book24


http-::vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net:disney:images:3:3b:Herc_front_turn_arounds250.jpg:revision:latest?cb=20131002161634 http-::images.fanpop.com:images:image_uploads:old-Superman-comic-cover-superman-84977_590_816 https-::stevenlylejordan.files.wordpress.com:2015:04:iron-man-peel-and-stick-comic-book-cover-900x1288 Powerpuff_girls_characters http-::static.comicvine.com:uploads:scale_large:12:124613:3150902-wizard+mini+comic++-+the+sensational+spiderman+v1995+003+(1995)+pagecover


PKAdn8A https-::s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com:originals:25:fe:13:25fe135601362ccbe3856310984bc812 http-::www.animationsensations.com:media:catalog:product:cache:1:image:9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95:W:B:WBAAPD29 cg52d8b6245480d monza-e-la-satira-della-ghignata-lupo-alberto-e-lospite-donore_0b49a02c-2b79-11e3-a382-f98afa02f2e9_display Mickey-Mouse-mickey-mouse-34504087-1500-1500 disney-pixar-finding-nemo-book_21335_1


Carletto doraemon_png2 8660b6be3c6c6368c74babb8329bb2cc ranma3





After filling up my mind with so many characters, it was really quite hard to think of something that hadn’t been invented already!
I decided to work on an illustration of a walrus I did in the early stages of this course: I brainstormed on it and then tried to sketch it in frontal, side and back pose, using guidelines, to get the proportions right.
He is really fat, the head much smaller than the rest of the body. He is lazy, constantly hungry and also grumpy. The only accessory worn by him is a fisherman hat.
The next step was sketching some facial expressions and then some different poses.

Scan 1 Scan 2

After that I went on with another character. I tried to think of someone really different: I wanted to create a ‘gothic’ but at the same time funny character, so I chose an old lady, with sophisticated facial features but an impossibly bulky hairdo and ultra large round glasses.
Her body shape is extreme as well: a really large bottom and a vase-like overall figure. I imagined this character surreally walking like she has wheels under her gown, in a straight line with a really serious expression. She appears really put together in her Victorian inspired outfit, but she is actually very clumsy and distracted.

I sketched some facial expressions and poses for her as well.

Scan 3 Scan 4

Scan 1 copy

To develop characters was really funny, even though it is really difficult not to fell into obviousness and already existing ideas, hidden in our memory.

I thought the funniest part was to sketch the facial expressions and to feel the freedom of distorting reality as much as I wanted.

I felt it was harder to draw different poses, I think I would need more exercise on that to let the character appear more natural, fluid in movements, less rigid.


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