Life drawing again: Fifth lesson

Life drawing again: Fifth lesson

In the fifth life drawing session the tutor has changed. I felt this as a way to challenge myself more, because having a different tutor means to have a different point of view on drawing. In fact she invited me to try and draw having a bigger distance between the paper and my eyes, forcing the arm to be almost straight and allowing more freedom to the lines traced in that way. She also invited me to produce a charcoal drawing to have an even more free kind of approach.

I don’t have experience with charcoal and I found it was really difficult to give a clear result rather than just a messy black cloud. After this experience I can confirm that I certainly don’t fancy charcoal, because of its extremely volatile nature, but it was nice and really useful to challenge myself with a new medium and I think I will try that again next time.

DSCN6667 DSCN6668 DSCN6669


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