Printmaking: Hard ground etching

Printmaking: Hard ground etching

At the end of the first printmaking session we have been given a zinc plate covered with hard ground. This is a mixture of beeswax, bitumen and resin which protects the metal from acid corrosion.

I had in fact, to produce a drawing scratching away the wax to expose the metal, allowing in this way the acid to work its way through the lines .

I bathed the plate in acid for about 5 minutes and then rinsed it in water. after drying it up, I checked that the lines were properly etched and the passed to the usual inking and pressing.

The result was a print with extremely crisp lines which I really enjoyed!

I managed to do in total four trials, visible in the image below from the first on the top left to the last on the bottom right.


At the end of the printing phase the tutor also taught me how to prepare the plate with a layer of hard ground.

I am literally falling in love with printmaking!


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