Exercise: Your own work

Exercise: Your own work

This exercise asked to revise my own work and select the images containing elements I like, watching them from a pure aesthetic point of view.

I went through the images created responding to the various briefs and selected some of them:

Then, I went on trying to create a brochure using InDesign for the first time. I thought it is an awesome software and it is really fun to explore the infinite possibilities it offers.

I shaped the brochure basing it on the card I prepared for the first assignment and I inserted the images and a brief text just to experiment how ideally a brochure of my works could look like. I thought it probably lacks in showing a certain style, due to both personal experience in developing one and also to the nature of the briefs the images have been created for. Being so different, they produced very different outcomes and I still cannot identify myself like having a consistent style.

However I did identify my style in one of the images in particular, the crab, that is why I placed it in the front page of the brochure.


I printed out the little brochure (7×10 cm when folded) to realise how it worked and I have to say that I was surprised as I really like the outcome!


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