The London Illustration Fair 2015

The London Illustration Fair 2015

Yesterday I have been visiting the London Illustration fair, which is taking place until tomorrow, the 6th of December, at Bargehouse/OXO Tower, South Bank.

It was a great way to really open my mind, get inspired and to realise how things are working when it comes to business.

The venue was inspiring itself and I was really amazed by the huge amount of people that were visiting the fair. It really encouraged me realising that there is a lot of people who is passionate about illustration, art and graphic design!

I was particularly fascinated by the works of the Spanish artist Cristina BanBan. I literally fell in love with her acrylics on paper, so simple and direct, sinuous and feminine, reminding me of those beautiful Japanese prints I love.

I really wouldn’t stop staring at those amazing pieces and I managed to get a printed version of one of her works.

I went home with a great deal of motivation, feeling enriched by this experience and holding a beautiful piece of art I can keep looking when I need inspiration!

Cristina BanBan – 2015



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