Exercise: Text and image

Exercise: Text and image

This exercise got me working on the relation between the text and the shape of the letters communicating it. A first step was writing some given words in my own handwriting and a second one was to try to convey their meaning through the shape of the letters.

Scan 61
I then used digital fonts in the same way, trying different solutions.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 19.08.12Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 19.08.33
For the following step, I chose an option per word and then traced those fonts trying to match them with an appropriate colour.

Scan 65
Then came the mood board stage. I found this step a little confusing, having to create a moodpboard for so many different words, but in the end I managed to find few pictures and mostly textures which I thought where conveying the sense of those words. The result is more like a ‘narrative mood board’, which moves with no interruption from the word big to the word mad.

Scan 62Scan 63Scan 64
In the end I experimented various materials for each word, which I believe could match with the concepts.

I used a large black marker for the word big; a simple biro for small; Acrylic paint and dark pencil for fat; fine liner for thin; indian ink and brush for fast; pastel for slow; Acrylic, biro, marker and poster paint (and fingers!) for fun; pencil for boring; watercolour pencil for calm; acrylic and marker for mad.

I have to admit the last step was quite funny and particularly I think the word mad is the one that best conveys the message and the passion behind the letters.


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