Exercise: Educational strip

Exercise: Educational strip

What’s happening to my body? It is all going mad!
This is the title of an educational leaflet for which we are asked to produce an illustrated strip by this exercise.
I started by researching on puberty, reading some articles and watching some videos, which revealed to be very useful specially to understand what language to use to communicate with an early teenager or even pre- teen, in the best way.
My first idea was to compare puberty to a caterpillar metamorphosis, so I also researched a little on this process. I used thumbnails to explore hypothetical frames, but I was not satisfied so I passed onto a more simple idea of showing the effects of puberty on the body. I chose to work on a female perspective and I sketched some frames in thumbnails. I really wanted the effects to pop out of the frame, using it to focus on the parts of the body involved in the transformation, but I thought it was looking quite boring, specially thinking of what my audience would have been.
So another idea came, to use the body as a frame. I thought of five steps in the development of the female body through puberty. It is a succession of images connected between each other – like those paper garlands everyone has cut in their childhood – following the growth of this young girl to her adulthood. I shaped the bodies in a simple way, describing some of the aspects of puberty on each of them.
I used watercolours and fine liner to complete the piece.
The original idea was to create a leaflet shaped as the body, so that the text would be contained in the image.

DSCN6788 copy

But then I tried working on the finished image in digital, quickly mocking up a simple little brochure. I imagined it accordion-folded in five pages, the first one being in the front. I wrote a brief text for each phase, trying to be playful and to introduce the issue in an easy and relaxed way.


I also tried to cut the image just like a paper garland and even though it is quite funny and interesting (for example could be very nice to draw the back of the bodies as well), I thought it would be quite hard to insert a text, as the space is not really much and would be disturbing a smooth reading of the images.

I am very satisfied with the outcome, particularly for the nature of the idea. I think the problem is presented in a way that would attract the attention of the audience for which it is intended.
I am also quite satisfied with the technical outcome, even though I felt the outlines a little to heavy marked. I had a few problems with the printing, has the image of the brochure came out cut on one side and the definition of the image was very poor. Was also a quite bad idea to colour the edges of the garland in black, it was much better with the light background or none. I enjoyed the experimenting though, it was very useful to understand how the imagine actually worked.


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