Reflection on Assignment 1 : Monoprints

Reflection on Assignment 1 : Monoprints

I worked on this first chapter of the Printmaking 1 course for a longer time than expected, due to various personal circumstances, which affected me quite intensely and consequently affected my work.
I have to admit that I found monoprinting far more complicated than I thought, and this especially because it was a totally new territory to me.

I think overviewing the whole monoprinting experience my biggest issue has been textures and how to make them stand out, probably due to the technique’s high chance of unpredictability. You can plan the various steps, make accurate measurements and registration, but you cannot really control the way the ink will appear on the paper as the factors contributing in modifying it are so many.

Monoprinting revealed to me completely new way of image making, however I have to admit I didn’t enjoy the process as much as other printmaking techniques I tried.
Working on something that comes difficult to me has been extremely useful though, and it is certainly something to explore further, in combination with other techniques.

I have done my best to adapt my drawing style to monoprinting and I felt it gradually got better throughout the unity.

Also the quality of the outcome got better, aided by the many mistakes made in the process.

It was very difficult to gather information about mono printing history. The books I had available only summarised the process and on the internet as well I could find the same few redundant informations.
Regarding the process of monoprinting, I found very useful video resources on youtube and OCA students website.

Thanks to mono printing, a window has been opened on my creativity, however I think there is far more work to get done to enhance this aspect.