Assignment Three: A poster

Assignment Three: A poster

Working at the third assignment felt particularly hard.
The brief left a lot of freedom, only giving us a theme to choose, between a group of three and the final size of reproduction, A3. It also gave suggestions on the procedure to follow to get to the result.
It all started by looking up for other artists work on the same theme, a jazz evening event, to get a bit of inspiration. Then came the brainstorming part, obviously around the word jazz.

5_0001 (3)
While brainstorming I realized that choosing a location for the event would have helped to create a connection with the illustration. The first idea was of a garden but after I thought that it was a little too romantic and perhaps I would have linked this kind of music to a more urban setting.
I recorded my ideas in thumbnails and notes.

5_0002 (3)
Thinking of urban settings I had in mind some underground venue, with brick walls and various exposed pipes, but my choice fell into the skyline of a city, with its rooftops, aligned against a night sky.
At this point I put together a moodboard.

The idea was to illustrate an event called Jazz on the rooftops by picturing a series of roofs (amazingly inspired by the view from my rear window!) and to substitute trumpets and saxophones to the chimneys, as they were singing to the moon.
Having decided the main objects of my illustration would have been rooftops, a night sky and brass wind instruments, I tried different arrangements of the composition with quick thumbnails and then I chose two of them to produce line visuals.


I made up the text to include, choosing a random date, time and name of the location (changed in the last version!) and added it digitally.

5_0004 5_0005  line visualline visual2
I was pretty sure that the first arrangement was more successful so I carried on with that. I made a colour visual, but I have to say that I felt a bit lost at this point because I didn’t exactly know how to produce one and I couldn’t find any example as a guide. I thought that pointing the major colour areas at this stage was enough so I used coarse materials and then, again added the text digitally.

colour visual

I also felt a lack of skills and probably equipment that could have helped me to produce a much quicker colour visual, but when it came to the production of the final piece I felt more confident and reassured.
In the colour visual I decided to invert the colours of the night, to get a much brighter and intriguing result. The background is white and a black moon is placed as part of the writing ‘Jazz’, which has been produced with a linocut. I then proceeded to a light pencil drawing which has been filled in with watercolours and refined with a fine liner. Tiny dots were added for the stars.

5_0001 (2)
The finished drawing has been scanned and the work finished by adding the text with Photoshop.

Having worked in A4, I printed a final A3 version to make sure the image was working properly at its final reproduction size.
It was a long and hard journey to the result, but I am satisfied with that and I understood how much I still need to learn about visuals.