Assignment Four: Magazine illustration

Assignment Four: Magazine illustration

The assignment four asks to produce an illustration for a magazine, choosing a topic between lost, disaster, discovery or guilty secret.
The illustration has to begin with a still life so I chose some objects which were inspiring me on the theme of discovery.
I picked a book, a lantern, a magnifying glass and a mirror. I tried some different composition and recorded them in thumbnails: the main choice was between considering the picture including everything (objects and their reflection) or if considering just the reflections and the frame of the mirror.
I loved the idea of using the mirror reflection as my still life, so I sketched a couple of arrangements to see which one was working better.

Scan Scan 1
Once chosen, I draw the composition on a A4 sheet and used a fine liner to highlight the shapes I would have need in the subsequent phases of the exercise.

Scan 3
In the mean time I found a nice piece of cardboard and thought to use it, as I really loved the colour and texture. I figured out I wanted to use acrylics on it, to make the image pop out.
I went on tracing my drawing, keeping it quite basic as I know too many details are unnecessary when coming to painting.
I then decided to insert a character and I sketched a quick self-portrait. The character is holding the magnifier to find out the mechanism in her head. In this way I intended to make the illustration talk about discovery and particularly of self-discovery.

Scan 4
I transformed my portrait distorting the reality and I inserted the character in a second tracing of the life drawing.

Scan 2 Scan 8
To highlight the frame of the mirror, I thought to transform it in a golden baroque frame, and I planned to finally realise it with a collage.
The next step was tracing the essential lines of the drawing on my lovely piece of cardboard, carefully placing it in the centre.
Time to paint!
I used acrylics and fine liner to complete my image and then I started with the collage of the frame, which I think it was the most difficult part to realise! In the beginning I felt quite lost, until the pieces slowly came together.

Finally, I feel quite satisfied with this work, particularly for its experimental value: I usually go for mediums I am more comfortable with but this time, to get along with the topic of discovery, I had a go with something I am less familiar with, discovering with pleasure different ways to go and different results.