Etching at Royal Drawing School

Etching at Royal Drawing School

The last year has been particularly though on me. For some various little issues I wasn’t able to keep up with my studies the way I wanted to.

However I kept my passion alive by attending a printmaking course from September to December, at the Royal Drawing School in London. This short course touched 5 different techniques, mainly involving etching: hard and soft ground, aquatint, sugar lift and drypoint.

Here I share some of the works produced during these few lessons.

Soft ground etching on zinc



Drypoint on copper
Drypoint + hardground etching on copper
Sugar lift on aluminium

I was really amazed by the range of results achievable with printmaking and the idea of how many of them are yet to discover, is just the best motivation I could ever find.

The London Illustration Fair 2015

The London Illustration Fair 2015

Yesterday I have been visiting the London Illustration fair, which is taking place until tomorrow, the 6th of December, at Bargehouse/OXO Tower, South Bank.

It was a great way to really open my mind, get inspired and to realise how things are working when it comes to business.

The venue was inspiring itself and I was really amazed by the huge amount of people that were visiting the fair. It really encouraged me realising that there is a lot of people who is passionate about illustration, art and graphic design!

I was particularly fascinated by the works of the Spanish artist Cristina BanBan. I literally fell in love with her acrylics on paper, so simple and direct, sinuous and feminine, reminding me of those beautiful Japanese prints I love.

I really wouldn’t stop staring at those amazing pieces and I managed to get a printed version of one of her works.

I went home with a great deal of motivation, feeling enriched by this experience and holding a beautiful piece of art I can keep looking when I need inspiration!

Cristina BanBan – 2015


Life drawing again: Fifth lesson

Life drawing again: Fifth lesson

In the fifth life drawing session the tutor has changed. I felt this as a way to challenge myself more, because having a different tutor means to have a different point of view on drawing. In fact she invited me to try and draw having a bigger distance between the paper and my eyes, forcing the arm to be almost straight and allowing more freedom to the lines traced in that way. She also invited me to produce a charcoal drawing to have an even more free kind of approach.

I don’t have experience with charcoal and I found it was really difficult to give a clear result rather than just a messy black cloud. After this experience I can confirm that I certainly don’t fancy charcoal, because of its extremely volatile nature, but it was nice and really useful to challenge myself with a new medium and I think I will try that again next time.

DSCN6667 DSCN6668 DSCN6669

Life drawing again: First lesson

Life drawing again: First lesson

I am back to a life drawing course and last Thursday I have been to the first session. The course I choose is held in a different location, South Kensington, in a large Victorian studio with particularly high ceiling.

The session has been tutored by Martin Shortis and articulated in 3 short poses (15-20 minutes) and in a very long one of 80 minutes.

DSCN6653 DSCN6656

It felt very good to go back to life drawing and I think the summer break was useful to actually absorb all the notions learned during the last course and to see things in a much more clear way.