Etching at Royal Drawing School

Etching at Royal Drawing School

The last year has been particularly though on me. For some various little issues I wasn’t able to keep up with my studies the way I wanted to.

However I kept my passion alive by attending a printmaking course from September to December, at the Royal Drawing School in London. This short course touched 5 different techniques, mainly involving etching: hard and soft ground, aquatint, sugar lift and drypoint.

Here I share some of the works produced during these few lessons.

Soft ground etching on zinc



Drypoint on copper
Drypoint + hardground etching on copper
Sugar lift on aluminium

I was really amazed by the range of results achievable with printmaking and the idea of how many of them are yet to discover, is just the best motivation I could ever find.

Printmaking: Drypoint

Printmaking: Drypoint

I have always been fascinated by printmaking, that’s why I recently enrolled in a short course at the Royal Drawing School which is going to give me a basic knowledge about etching.

I attended the first lesson yesterday and we were introduced by the tutor, Rossen Daskalov, to the very basic drypoint process.

After a tour of the studio and an introduction on the technique, he gave us a copper plate and we started experimenting the process.

I did a quick sketch on paper before going straight onto the copper with a pointy tool I bought some time ago.

As the tutor said, there is a close relation between this technique and drawing, but obviously having to work on metal, the lines are hardly fluid as they would be when you have no resistance in moving your hand.

It is difficult to see what you are drawing, the figure will be mirrored and even if you have a fervid imagination what finally comes out of the press will always surprise you, heavily influenced by the inking process.

I loved that! I had so much fun printing, retouching the plate and printing again and trying different ways of inking.

Here is my result, from my first attempt on the left to the last on the right:


It was a great experience and I wish to influence my illustration process with the things I learned.

I can’t wait to experiment a new technique next week!