Etching at Royal Drawing School

Etching at Royal Drawing School

The last year has been particularly though on me. For some various little issues I wasn’t able to keep up with my studies the way I wanted to.

However I kept my passion alive by attending a printmaking course from September to December, at the Royal Drawing School in London. This short course touched 5 different techniques, mainly involving etching: hard and soft ground, aquatint, sugar lift and drypoint.

Here I share some of the works produced during these few lessons.

Soft ground etching on zinc



Drypoint on copper
Drypoint + hardground etching on copper
Sugar lift on aluminium

I was really amazed by the range of results achievable with printmaking and the idea of how many of them are yet to discover, is just the best motivation I could ever find.

Life drawing: Third lesson

Life drawing: Third lesson

Here they are, my sketches from the last life drawing lesson.

I believe I am getting more fluid in the shortest poses, which in the beginning felt much more difficult.

DSCN6442 DSCN6444DSCN6446

Particularly the above pose on the left was lasting only four minutes yet I was able to get the general flow of the figure.

Having only few minutes made me panic in the beginning, but I am starting to learn to use my time as much as possible to get the anatomy right rather than making the marks look beautiful.


Life drawing: Second lesson

Life drawing: Second lesson

I learned an amazing lesson at this week’s life drawing session: to draw negative spaces.
We had the usual mix of short and long poses and this time the tutor, Martin Shortis, helped me a couple of time and gave me the precious advice. I have never thought of it: I was always so focused on the form that I never considered how useful is sometimes to just outline the empty spaces. It really gives you useful reference points and it helps a lot to compare and check whether your drawing is more or less correct.
I was so satisfied to go home knowing something new!

The short poses:


Longer poses:

DSCN6418 DSCN6419